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Jun. 04 – Sep. 04

  • 9.22.04 – Graal Resources

    I've uploaded two new resources for Graal. The first is a new sample game setup, with lead questor. This should give some idea of the flexibility that's possible with Graal in terms of setting, and the adjustments that can be made to the definitions of things like virtue. It's all about a man named Gunther.

    The second item is the errata for the second edition. Unfortunately, a couple of significant (confusing) typos made it in. This should set things straight. A new download will eventually be available to everyone—I'll wait a while to make sure no other fixes need to be made.

  • 9.18.04 – Graal: Second Edition

    Graal is now in its second edition! This revised version correct some minor problems with the original release, features a whole new layout and some additional artwork, and a bunch of changes and expansions on the rules—while keeping the main themes of Graal in center-stage. It's available for sale at RPGNow. Check out the Graal page for more details.

  • 8.26.04 – Examples

    The Symmoira rules have been updated with a running example to better illustrate how it all works.

  • 8.21.04 – Upcoming...

    A couple of things will be coming up soon. I'm revising, modifying and adding to my essay on Game Design Methods, and am working on a new game that's low-fantasy and focused on morality and religion. Should be easy to jump into for traditional role-players (at least compared to some of my other games), but still different. I'm having a lot of fun designing religions and a modifier manorial organization.

    I made some small tweaks to PGP's appearance too. I sort of get the feeling it's bland even now though...

  • 8.15.04 – Retries

    First, a new and rewritten version of Symmoira is now up, with better organization and some clearer descriptions of the rules. Additionally, if you tried to download the ABSQVE ROMA pdf, you'll have noticed that the file was corrupted: that should be fixed now.

  • 8.2.04 – Our Medieval Fate

    I've uploaded a rough copy of the first setting supplement for Symmoira, Our Medieval Fate. Imagine yourself teleported back into the Middle Ages, forced to survive and make a place for yourself. That's the premise of OMF.

  • 7.30.04 – Symmoira – a New Game System

    Now announcing Symmoira a new universal game system. With its unique and flexible mechanics, its high on creativity and big results. It's perfect for telling large-than-life stories, be they fantastical or action-packed. If your'e sick of 200-page rule books, Symmoira is for you. Best of all it's free! Check it out.

  • 7.26.04 – IE Compatability

    My apologies to anyone who tried to view the page recently with Internet Explorer, as it was not displaying correctly. Although the new version of PGP doesn't do anything particularly tricky and has been coded to full web consortium standards, some problems came up because of quirks (and outright omissions) in IE. Everything should be cleared up now.

  • 7.20.04 – Graal Supplements

    I've added a sample character and "situation" for Graal: a kind of mini-scenario. More are on their way.

  • 7.16.04 – Graal Goes Live

    Graal has been officially released! It's available exclusively at RPG Now! While sharing most of the rules from the public playtest, the for-sale version has been almost entirely re-written—for both clarity and style—and has a host of additional play examples and Player's and GM's Tips. If you've never looked at Graal before, check it out, and if you liked Graal before, consider supporting PGP by purchasing it.

    Return visitors will also notice that the site has gone through a re-design, which I had sworn I'd bring about the first time I had a product for sale. Hopefully it's a little more elegant than the older personal style.

  • 6.26.04 – New ABSQVE ROMA

    Version 2.e of ABSQVE ROMA is finally available. It makes significant changes to how values, animus, and romanitas are handled. Further examples are also to be found, and the rules for wealth have been expanded (all changes are detailed in the rules file itself).

  • 6.20.04 – Remodelling

    As you can see, some minor remodelling has been done to the style sheets to make the place look a little prettier. I'll also say this once more: Internet Explorer is a right piece of shit—and no apologies to those of you who use it. Its CSS support is hokey and minimal, and it's evident that Microsoft had no real intent to support standards beyond what could be marketed effectively. As part of my rage, I've updated the Standards article to rant at IE for a few paragraphs, listing its many problems.

    In partly related news, the other articles have also been revised, and a new version of AR—perhaps the last open playtest version—should be available in a few days.

  • 6.10.04 – CSS Ooze

    Introducing CSS Ooze: a new division of PP devoted to CSS-based web design, with all developments freely available for public use. Go get some style!

  • 6.7.04 – Methods of Game Design

    I've uploaded a new article, called Game Design Methods, that discusses the process of game development.

  • 6.6.04 – Now in XHTML

    As you can see, PP has received some further visual tweaks. It also uses XHTML 1.0 now, and should look nearly the same across all browsers (it basically did before with the exception of Internet Explorer).

  • 6.2.04 – AR II.d

    Yet another iteration of AR is now available. V. II.d features many more guidelines surrounding the Civitas and long term play, has a refined die mechanic going back to II.a, and in general explains certain rules more fully. The site has also been tweaked to look better when printed and to offer better IE support.