These are links which you might find interesting. They are of course all external, and so are not marked by the (external link) icon, as elsewhere on PGP.

Game Design

The Forge - Fora for the discussion of independant games design and RPG theory, inlcuding the ideas of Ron Edwards. Also has related articles and a free games database.

Other Indie Games & Designers

The Riddle of Steel - Gritty fantasy by Jacob Norwood

Sorcerer - "An Intense RPG" by Ron Edwards

The Pool – by James V. West

Bob Goat Press – Publisher of Conspiracy of Shadows by Keith Senkowski (whose artwork graces the cover of TotG).

Slayer of Dragon - Martial arts movie role-playing by Grant Gigee

Role-playing E-Zines

Critical Miss - The irreverant British e-zine "for dysfuncitonal role-players."

Daedalus - Now defunct but excellent mag

Places to Go, People to Be

The Way, The Truth and & The Dice - Christian gamer's mag (I'm not, but they are, and it's okay)

Linking to PP

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