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Graal Second Edition Errata

Unfortunately, no product is ever perfect, and in fact some significant errors got into the last pdf distribution of Graal. Mea Culpa. All corrections will appear in the next release, due out by the end of October.

  • p. 4 – Under “Defining the World,” the last sentence of the first paragraph should read: “With a standard setting like the above they can be phrased in very familiar terms:”
  • p. 10 – The last line on the page should read: “...but by and large they know that he is the only one who can really succeed.”
  • p. 19 – The text states that supporting questors get 2 free NPs per session. This is incorrect: by default they get one per hour of play.
  • p. 50 – The second paragraph, an example of narration, is listed as costing 3 narrative points to make. It should be 5 points.
  • Strengths in Trials – The precise rules for including strengths in trials was omitted. When a strength applies, the questor rolls one extra die, effectively raising his talent score.