What Primeval Designs Does

Primeval Designs creates web sites. It builds them from the ground up or from existing designs. It develops them using the latest in web standards, ensuring maximum accessibility. It will work with you to create a design tailored to your own needs, be they traditional or avante-guard. It will design within your time-frame and your budget.

Primeval Designs is no nonsense. You won't find pictures of smiling actors on this page, or meaningless hype. You want a web page, and Primeval Designs wants to help. You can examine our designs, read more below, and decide if we're right for your project. Primeval Designs specializes in functional, accessible sites for individuals, small businesses, and institutions. If you don't think we're right for you, we encourage you to look for someone who is on the links page.

Progressive Design

In all of its work, Primeval Designs uses fully standards compliant code and symmantic mark-up. Established by the Web Consortium, standards are a turn away from the bad old days of the “browser wars”, where incompatible browsers led to a fractured web: a site designed for one browser wouldn't work for another. Designing for both took twice the time, at twice the cost. People without the latest hardware and browsers were left behind and many of those pages don't work today, on modern browsers.

Standard code fixes this. It establishes one way to write code: the same for all sites, for all browsers, everywhere. Web sites written with standards have several advantages:

Standard code takes no more time to write than more traditional code, and can produce exactly the same results. There are few (if any) good reasons not to use it today—though not everyone does.

Another aspect to progressive design is an emphasis on compatability and functionality that goes beyond strict standards compliance. Primeval Designs pursues methods for making pages look good at a wide variety of screen resolutions, on different devices, for those with disabilities, and people using plain text browsers. While avante-guard design is some times called for, simple, reliable functionality is almost always the most important element of a design.

This Page

The page you're looking at now is not the flashiest, graphically intensive pages out there. It's even far less flashy than other designs Primeval Designs has done (like some of these). But it demonstrates something else. It uses strictly compliant code. It uses a minimum of mark-up for fast-loading. It demonstrates a “liquid” layout, that resizes dynamically with the browser window. For browsers that support it, the text can be resized to aid viewing. What does all this add up to? A simple yet elegant design that was designed in a short period of time and will work reliably.

Customized Design

Primeval Designs will take as much or as little input into your web site as you want to give. We can work from existing content to replace an existing design, or to change one. If you have definite ideas about how your site should look, we'll incorporate them into the design. Alternately, you can leave the whole design to us, though even then we'll present you with options.

Affordable Design

Primeval Designs aims to produce quality designs for anyone who needs them. Using standard code saves time and money on one hand. On the other, we're flexible, and can tailor our work to your budget. At a basic level, we'll produce a clean page that works—leaving more ambitious plans for another day.

Please contact us to discuss a possible design.