Primeval Games Press is an independant games development studio, run by Jasper McChesney. (Meaning tabletop games, not computer games, and primarily role-playing and wargames.) A lot of what PGP does is available freely. The rest is available for purchase in pdf format (and perhaps on demand publishing in the future). This is a hobby for me, and not a job. What money I make will mostly go towards future products, so they can be even better. That's my goal for PGP: make good games and have fun doing it.

Like any game designer, I like feedback. If you download one of the games here, I'd like to hear what you think of it—or any ideas you have on game design in general.

PGP is also a test-bed for some experiment with web design, and shares its domain with my web design company, Primeval Designs.

Why Primeval Games Press?

Firstly, I just like the juxtaposition of the technological with the biological. It also has good assonance. Beyond this, if you think of a “press” not in terms of a physical printing press, but rather as an entire operation that creates documents, then we humans are at least the beginnings of all presses. And since we are ourselves derived from things primeval...Primeval Press.

About Me

I'm currently an undegraduate at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, studying biology and Western civilization (a mix of history, literature and anthropology). I live in rural western Massachusetts, and aside from game development and web page design, I spend my time hiking and blacksmithing.

I can be emailed at: mail

You can check out the indie RPGs I own, if you're interested.

Technical Details

The current site design uses XHTML and cascading style sheets, and was designed to be accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of browser and platform. Its current state is just one iteration of many and is sure to morph further in the future. Like it? Hate it? Found a technical glitch? mail.

All pages were hand coded in a plain text editor and later made pretty with HTML Tidy(external link). They conform to strict W3C(external link) standards for XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.