Sample questors for Graal

These questors (characters) are itnedned to give you a better sense of Graal if you don't own it, and to give you inspiration for your own questors if you do. Of course, in a pinch you could just drop one into your own game to play too, probably with a little modification.

Sir Edmond the Red

(Supporting Questor)

Sir Edmond is an old knight, having seen many battles, both lost and won. He has served the king loyally, but now spends most of his time overseeing his own lands, and ensuring his son will be ready to take over. Only because of his great loyalty has he been called by the king to ride out once more. Although eager to aid the king, Sir Edmond is unconcerned about glory and honor, having already acquried his fill many years ago


  • Manners: talent 3, skill 4
  • Survival: talent 2, skill 3
  • Warfare: talent 3, skill 5
  • Wits: talent 4, skill 2


  • Sir Edmond has taken part in many castle seiges, and so knows the ins and outs of storming a fortress very well. Men always look to him for advice when an enemy digs in, as he can describe the best way to make camp, what seige engines to prepare, how many men will be necessary, and so on.
  • Additionally, having now been married for many years, Sir Edmond is never tempted by other women.


  • Sir Edmond's weakness is that he fears and dislikes miracles and other holy events, considering them too much for a humble warrior like himself...and perhaps he fears he is not worthy of them. Thus, in situations involving these things, he is always tempted to come up with some gruff excuse to stay away; to shun God.


  • Many years ago Sir Edmond encountered a strange knight in black armor on a battlefield. They engaged in bitter combat, but the knight seemed super-human in his skill, and eventually bested Sir Edmond. The whole battle seemed to be lost for his side, and slaughter was taking place everywhere, and Edmond had seen this very knight slay two of his friends (that is why he sought him out in fact). Yet this strange knight merely nodded to Sir Edmond, lying injured on the ground, and then left him. Edmond has yet to discover who this man was, or why he spared his life.
  • When he was just a youth, Sir Edmond heard several wild stories of a magical bird that would carry worthy knights across an otherwise uncrossable gorge. He has always wanted to know whether this bird was real or not, and where it might lie.