News Archive

Feb. 04 – May 04

  • 5.27.04 – AR II.c

    Version II.c of ABSQUE ROMA is now available. The rules have been paired down and simplified significantly, and some additions have crept in as well.

  • 5.5.04 – Miscellaneous Games

    Put up some older projects: Unknown Heroes, and the more recent but unfinished In The Court.

  • 5.3.04 – Domain

    Relocated to private domain, and overhauled appearance.

  • 4.24.04 – Minor Changes

    Asthetic changes. Domain name should be up soon.

  • 4.5.04 – AR II.b

    Uploaded Playtest rules II.b for ABSQVE ROMA (have I gone through enough variant names yet?). Download it now!

  • 3.16.04 – Tweaks

    Updated the logo and background images. Fixed some minor problems.

  • 3.10.04 – New Principium Novum

    5 page up-to-date version of the Principium Novum (renamed) rules added, along with character sheet.

  • 2.18.04 – Principia Novae Draft

    Principia Novae first draft uploaded.

  • 2.13.04 – Day 1

    Primeval Press goes online.