Here's a list of the "indie," small-press, creator-owned RPGs I have or would like to have (not including free games).

Indie RPGs I Own

  • Sorcerer, Ron Edwards (Adept Press)
    • Sword & Sorcery
  • The Riddle of Steel, Jacob Norwood (Driftwood Publishing)
    • Of Beasts and Men, Ben Lehman
  • Dogs in the Vineyard, Vincent Baker (Lumpley Games)
  • Dust Devils, Matt Snyder (Chimera Creative)
  • Wushu, Daniel Bayn
  • Donjon, Clinton R. Nixon (Anvilwerks)
  • Lashings of Ginger Beer, Michael Washborne

Games I Must Have

  • My Life with Master
  • Sorcerer's Soul for Sorcerer, Ron Edwards

Games I Would Like

  • Prime Time Adventures
  • It's a Dog's Life, Michael Washborne
  • InSpectres, Jared Sorensen
  • Universalis
  • Multiverser
  • Conspiracy of Shadows, Keith Senkowski (Bob Goat Press)