Primeval Games Press

Unknown Heroes

Gritty Superheroics in the Near Future

An old game of mine, Unknown Heroes nominally deals with teenage characters in the near future who begin to manifest super powers, and who are then drawn into a strange world of danger and conspiracy; feeling ever more compelled to use their powers, but simultaneously fighting against them, as they become more and more divorced from an ordinary life. The "grit level" can vary a lot, though tends to range between "high" and "horrific"—though at the same time I always imagine the game as being a graphic novel, so you can't take it too seriously...

The rules of UH are pretty old-school GURPS/FUDGE—with all the assumptions and baggage that entails. I started work on a revision a while ago, which would take the basic idea but start off with entirely new mechanics, but it's still very much on the cutting room floor and may not appear for a long time. Thus I'm making the “second edition” (it was the thing to do at the time, okay!) available here, since UH was, I think, the most popular of the many games I made my friends playtest back in the old days.

As usual, everything's in PDF format.