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Here's what some reviewers thought of Trials of the Grail.

Demetrius Morgan, at, calls TotG

...[a] carefully crafted Arthurian fantasy role-playing game.

and says

What we are dealing with here is a narrative storyteller system.

The author decided not to limit the scope of the game strictly to the environs of a medieval Arthurian setting. Which, depending upon your point of view, is either a bit of brilliance or total gonzo madness.

[An] interesting game premise that is well worth having a look at.
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Rafael Velez's review, also at, says

Trials of the Grail calls to the experimental gamer looking for a true exercise in collaborative storytelling.

...the various genres that can be tied to Arthurian legend through TotG is mindblowing.

The narrative point mechanic is attention worthy to those gamers who are bored with the GM/player paradigms.

...for a strong troupe of gamers, Trials of the Grail could possibly lead to a new echelon of role-playing.
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The Gaming Report's Travis Lee says

This is not a traditional role-playing game where there's always some level of 'winning' involved...

TotG isn't exactly for the 'immature' gamer. But what [it] could be good for is getting the attention of someone who might not like RPGs...I could see a group of Humanities students having a lot of fun with this game.

If you've got skill, creativity, and like to explore the hidden or higher meanings of stories, this is definitely the game for you.
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