Below are the current projects by PP. Most are in a fully playable state, but may not be polished, while a few are still in earlier stages of design. Unless noted by the word PDF or HTML, clicking on most of the items will take you to a page giving more information on that game, and from which you can actually download it.

Role-Playing Games

ABSQVE ROMA - A game about values, legacies and survival at the fall of Civilization. Open playtest!

Graal - Righteous Questing in Arthurian Romance.

The West Wind - Tolkien-inspired wandering. Not quite complete. (PDF)

In The Court - A game of social interaction amidst ambitious nobles. Incomplete. (HTML)

Strategy Games

Anaxis - Tactical space combat of moderate simplicty

Anteel - Rules light, diceless space combat

Concepts & Old Games

The following items are old defunct projects and embryonic ideas for games. They're provided here for a few people who have requested them, and maybe to spark someone else's imagination.

Avignon Blod Theatre - Early stages of an over-the-top action RPG set in the Middle Ages. (HTML)

Unknown Heroes - Gritty, near-future game about teenage superheroes. This version is quite old, but a revised edition may eventually see the light of day.